Approaches of a Cleaner and Greener Penang

Creating cleaner and greener neighbourhoods

A) Local Authority Operations

The Local Authority MPPP and MPSP needs to provide a holistic solution to tackle issues in relation to Cleanliness and improve its policy delivery and cleanliness operation. The current operation of Ops Sinar, Ops Combi and Ops Picker runs weekly and bi-weekly. The Local Authority and the appointed contractors shall increase their operations during the one year “Cleaner Greener Initiative”, the Local Authority must response to complain fast be effective Operation of local authority as follows:

  • Ops Sinar – on their own and with SWM contractors
  • Ops Combi
  • Ops “ Pickers”
  • Task force
  • Grading of Road and
  • Drain contractors
  • Assessing the weakness of the monitoring system and action on improving new contracts
  • Fines for violating contract terms

B) Cleaning of waterways, rivers & sea

C) Promoting use of Beneficial Indigenous microorganisms e.g. “Garbage Enzyme”

D) Greening

The Cleaner Greener Penang Initiative includes greening and creating green spaces pocket parks/ parks/ gardens. Together with the NGOs, corporate sector and CBOs, we can promote a green and sustainable Penang.

  1. Landscaping
  2. Tree planting
  3. Mangrove planting

Achieving Waste Minimization Through 3R

Waste Minimization and reduction of waste will affect our way of lifestyle. Domestic and commercial waste contributes the highest tonnage of waste. The Cleaner & Greener Penang Initiative shall includes waste minimization encourage the use of 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

It is better to stop creating waste in the first place then to treat it afterwards. This will also includes the upgrade of wet markets, better condition of hawker and food centre and achieve a measurable health standards.

Markets, Hawkers

  1. Banning polystyrene material in food packaging
  2. Reduce plastic bag usage
  3. Enforcing functional & effective Grease traps
  4. Recycling of Organic waste e.g. composting
  5. Promoting 3Rs

Transforming Mindset Towards a Responsible Citizenship

A successful initiative must be a people centric and encourage community participation. The Cleaner Greener Penang Initiative needs the partnership of its people. The Government can lead but it is the people that can make the difference. This collaboration will help to work towards a sustainable living and to raise awareness to the public and encourage changes in behavior, attitudes and lifestyle.

A) Promoting public awareness and education campaign

B) Activities:

  1. Publications – 3R at home, in the workplace etc.
  2. Presenting Awards to green neighbourhoods, commercial enterprises, industries, institutions etc
  3. Providing more publicity through: Media Website/ feedback
  4. Flyers
  5. Documentation: report, video, pamphlets

Transforming Mindset Towards a Responsible Citizenship

The Penang State Government encourages NGOs, Corporate sector and CBOs (RA, RT, JKKK) to adopt green initiatives and be responsible in community building. The Community can adopt and demonstrate best practice programs for sustainable living. The “Cleaner Greener Initiative” should be the bandwagon to empower community and together to improve the public and urban spaces.

A) Building capacity in local communities by engaging community-based organizations, NGOs, individuals to identify, analyze and come up with creative local solutions: Training , Seminar and Workshop.

B) Providing sustainable transport alternatives: Bicycle lanes, Improved public transportation system, Car pooling etc.

C) Energy conservation: Renewal energy e.g. solar power

D) Water Saving and Conservation

  1. Rainfall harvesting
  2. Water saving & reuse